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Why we recommend seeing your senior pet more than once a year

A pet’s golden years are a time to cherish, but they can also bring some new challenges with them. Our senior sweethearts often face a number of common health problems related to their advancing age, including arthritis, failing vision, hearing loss and other issues. And while you can’t necessarily prevent these problems, you can work with your veterinarian to help ensure your dog is as healthy, comfortable and happy as possible as he ages.

If you find that your senior pet is slowing down it could be more than just old age. With help from your veterinarian we can help you best care for your older pet. There are a variety of health problems that come with the golden years a few of them are, Heart and Kidney Disease, Hypothyroidism, Dental Disease…

Some of these ailments are easily treated with medications that can improve your pets life and best if diagnosed sooner than later. Most ailments can be diagnosed through an examination and some basic testing. We look forward to seeing you and your senior pets every 6 months to help give them the best quality of life we can.

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